Peripheral Vision

by Mark Brown

Mark S. Brown, MD

Droopy Eyelids Can Be Fixed: Improve Your Peripheral Vision

Eyesight is one of the most needed senses for our elderly population. Having a nice vision can make be them independent and giving them the freedom to handle their appointments and activities. If your vision is not in a good condition, this now the time that you cannot perfectly do your responsibilities.

Blepharoplasty doesn’t get rid of wrinkles or lines and can’t fix your dark circles located in your eyes’ lower part. If wrinkles and lines also worry you, the cosmetic surgeon can have a conversation with you about doing some of the preventive procedures together with blepharoplasty.

Once anaesthesia has been carried out, the eyelids’ crease is now set to create small incisions and get rid of the excess fat and skin. The objective of this is to make natural-looking eyelids and bring your complete vision back. Incisions must be small enough in order to not recognize it after healing.

After the procedure, you will feel drowsiness because of the anesthesia. You will also need someone that can bring you home and take care of you when you are having your recovery. Sometimes recovery takes a month or even a year but a lot of people already feel good, refreshed after a week.

When the process of eyelid surgery will be proven as one of the solutions to restore vision, most of insurance companies and Medicare will handle the costs associated with the procedure. If you want to have other procedures of cosmetics like browlift and facelift, then you will be responsible for that cost.

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